Apple MacintoshIn addition to FTP file transfer, please continue to use existing means of file transfer such as email, Compact Disc, and ZIP disk.

Please refer to our digital file guidelines PDF form for file compatibility and submission details prior to sendingAdobe Illustrator graphic files to us.

We have created a public FTP area with a .mac account which has a larger storage capacity than provided by Aliant. It should be straight forward by going to the following address in your internet browser:

This is a public folder and is not login or password protected. As the site is not constantly monitored, we require notification of upload which we will perform immediately and remove the files from further access.

There is an "upload" button which will prompt for file search and attachment.

Customers who intend to upload a file must send an email to to advise the file name, file format, and date & time of transfer.

Files of confidential nature should not use the above FTP or email procedures.

B.R. Print FTP Site