Banners: Displays, Sales, Promotions, Flexible Signs, etc.
Water Resistant Vinyl Scrim Banner • Based on standard PVC scrim banner vinyl • Extremely durable • Good white point for image quality • Waterproof solution for outdoor applications of 6-12 mth
Banner Material Tyvek® • Waterproof & lightweight • Outdoor durable 3-6 months • Easily hemmed & grommeted • High white point characteristics for high-quality displays.
Self-Adhesive Applications Labels, Decals, Signs, Vehicle Graphics, etc.
Water-Fast Matte Vinyl • Waterproof adhesive-back • Reduced glare • Long-term indoor use • Medium-term outdoor use (3 to 6 months) • Add lamination for longer outdoor duration!
Super Hi-Gloss White Vinyl • Water-resistant (water-fast) • Glossy vinyl for high-profile indoor applications • Silver back coating to block light for exceptional print quality • Add lamination for outdoor protection.
Paper Products Posters, Displays, Exhibits, Indoor Signage, etc.
Photo Gloss Paper • Exceptional white point • Glossy finish for high quality look • Good for colour graphics including posters, displays, trade shows, etc.
Heavy Matte Paper • High opacity and exceptional white point • Handles heavy ink load well • Good for colour graphics including posters, displays, trade shows, etc.
Concord Rag Fine Art Paper • 100% cotton fiber mould-made paper that features a beautiful smooth texture and quality feel • Full-color graphics for indoor applications such as fine art and photographic reproductions, shows, etc.
Polyester Base Films Displays, High Definition, Back-lits, etc.
Super Hi-Gloss White Film • Brilliant white film • Exceptional dot definition for highest resolution printing • Water-resistant • Photography & high profile applications.
Water-Fast Backlit Film • Backlit film for vibrant colour • Conventional backlit applications • Water-resistant for outdoor applications • Reverse imaged to eliminate need for lamination.
Cold Laminates
Arctic Lustre Lamination • Provides protection from scratches & abrasion • UV protection • Outdoor weather protection.
Arctic Lotack Adhesive • Provides a reusable adhesive front to your print • Good for show-through window applications.
Custom Die Cut • Ideal for labels, stickers, decals, vinyl detailing • Provides custom cut designs.
*Sample list only. Additional materials may be available. Subject to confirmation of availability.

Large Format Media