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The Omega Digicon QC330 is a semi-rotary finishing unit that can handle a maximum web width of 13". The precision of the Digicon QC330 to register the die-cut to the print is based on its highly advanced electronic auto pre-positioning system which aligns the semi-rotary die-cutting station to a pre-printed register mark. The register mark is printed on the matrix of the printed label stock which is to be converted. The Digicon QC330 is completely controlled through a software driver touch-screen control panel that allows the recall of previously converted labels to be quickly reloaded upon receiving replacement orders. This guarantees that you will receive the same quality as the original order.

The unit features a complete Flexographic printing station that can be used either for U.V. coating, spot coating, or printing single color jobs. The Digicon QC330 also features overlamination capabilities, and a precision label count re-wind station.

The most important feature of the Digicon QC330 is its advanced semi-rotary die-cutting station that takes advantage of the latest technology in magnetic flexible cutting dies.

"What does this mean to you?"..... "This means reduced overall costs!"

Since magnetic flexible cutting dies cost a fraction of traditional rotary-dies, we've decided to withhold any charge for custom shaped printed labels. This means overall reduced costs to you and the consumers you're targeting, ensuring that your product moves from the shelves of every store to the home of every consumer.

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