Full Colour without Sacrifice!

The HP WS2000 is a six color printing press with a 12" web width. Its quality surpasses traditional flexographic printing methods with levels of quality that meet, and in most cases exceed, those of offset printing. This revolutionary technology can print up to eleven colors in a single pass to provide the latest non-label-look at a true line screen of 170lpi in normal printing mode, up to 250lpi in HDI mode (High Definition Imaging).

Besides the WS2000's extraordinary final print quality, this revolutionary digital printing press also brings to the Atlantic Canadian labeling market a true variable data printing solution, color personalization, the ability to print on virtually any substrate (paper, label stock, film, poly, calling cards, ...etc) and more.

Along with the many benefits of the WS2000, we cannot forget to mention the unique HP Pantone Certified solid color reproduction technology called IndiChrome.

IndiChrome is the backbone of the WS2000 in color reproduction and color matching technology. This technology is based on the standard industry four color process printing method that incorporates two extra colors on-press; orange and violet. There is also the ability to mix true colors off-line using HP's unique off-line solid electro-ink mixing software and hardware, ideal for limited spot colors printing.

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HP WS2000 Digital Press