Nutrition Labelling in Canada

In January 2003, Health Canada announced changes to Nutrition Labelling in Canada. Food producers and packagers must comply to NFT regulations starting January 2007.

A noteable change is that nutrition labelling will be required on most prepackaged foods and a standard format will be applied. The Nutrition Facts table will usually appear in a standard format so it looks the same from one product to another, making it easier to find and use.

Health Canada Nutrition FactsThe intention of the revised nutrition labelling regulations is to improve public health in Canada by offering standardized informative nutrtion information coupled with education.

To find out more about Health Canada's Nutrition Labelling regulations, visit their website at

Now is a great time to consider the implications of these new regulations to your product's packaging. Why not consider the new Nutrition Labelling requirements in conjunction with updating your current packaging. Give us a call to discuss your package design requirements!

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