We pride ourselves in the quality of our flexographic and dry offset printing plates. Our plates are made from high quality products manufactured by companies such as DuPont and BASF. In addition to printing plates, we offer a wide range of prepress services which all combine to make printing work for you.
It all starts digital
A successful print job starts with an optimal graphic file. We have experience in prepress graphic design including file optimization, digital proofing solutions, digital film imaging for plate production and much more.
Plate choice and quality to make impressions
Printing plates can lead a hard life. We're here to help you choose the right product for your print job, offering a range of DuPont Cyrel® photopolymer products and BASF Nyloprint materials.
Mounting services for registration
Our DuPont Automatic Single Head Video Drill enables us to mount corrugated plates with complete accuracy. Let us save you time and money in keeping your multiple colour print jobs in registration!
Helping along the way
We offer the basics of the industry - Cyrel® Flexo-cleaner complimented with Sontara PC Wipes to keep your plates clean and ready for continuous use.
Commitment to quality
Our manufacturing process documents details of every job at every stage. Our procedures and documentation process allows us to recreate replacement plates under the same conditions as originals.
GS1 Certified - UPC Bar Codes
BR Printing Plates is certified by GS1 Canada. Our standards ensure the bar code required on your packaging is within industry standards.


PrePress Services including Graphic Design, Digital Film Imaging, UPC Bar Codes.
Flexographic Printing Plates including DuPont Cyrel® Photopolymer
Dry Offset Plates including BASF Nyloprint
Premounted Service for Corrugated

B.R. Flexo Printing Plates