Rapid ImagingWe pride ourselves in the quality of our custom flexographic printing plates. Our custom plates are made from high quality products manufactured by DuPont. Coupled with the quality of DuPont's Cyrel® plates, we have recently chosen RapidImaging as our choice of plate wash chemistry to enhance our commitment to the environment.

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We have chosen DuPont Cyrel® as our only suite of photopolymer printing plate due to Cyrel®'s commitment and experience of superior quality. Outlined below are plate materials which we keep in stock and available for plate production.

There are a wide variety of Cyrel® analog photopolymer plate materials which are available. Please contact us if you don't see your preferred plate listed here and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT SELL RAW PLATE MATERIAL.

Cyrel® .067" NOW, Cyrel® .107", & Cyrel® .112" NOW

Cyrel® NOWCyrel NOW is a medium durometer uncapped plate which delivers superior image resolution, sharp reverses and outstanding ozone and wear resistance. NOW was heavily tested in the rugged Asian Flexographic market. Test results proved that NOW delivers the same superior quality in an uncapped plate through its high resistance to ozone, enabling longer plate life and preserving your total investment. For low relief printing such as labels, poly, flexible packaging, paper products.

Cyrel® .125" TDR & Cyrel® .155" TDR

Cyrel® TDRTDR is DuPont's lowest durometer plate and has become the choice plate for the corrugated and paper board printing industry. TDR plates provide sharp, consistent quality printing, even in long press runs. There is less ink and paper buildup, which both affect print sharpness. TDR plates resemble natural rubber in their behavior towards inks and solvents. They are compatible with alcohol-based, water-based and glycol-based flexographic inks and solvent mixtures containing limited quantities of active solvents.

BRP .250" Photopolymer

BRP .250" photopolymer is our newest corrugated plate specifically for corrugated shippers. BRP is a sheet photopolymer that holds extraordinary levels of quality similar to DuPont Cyrel TDR, making BRP a competitive alternative to liquid photopolymer printing plates. BRP is a low durometer, deep-relief plate, providing a permanently tack-free surface that stays tack free even after numerous print runs, while holding an unsurpassed daylight and ozone level of resistance over most liquid photopolymers.

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