LeXMount Digital WorkflowPlate Mounting to Carrier Card

Based on DuPont's Cyrel® Automated Single Head Drill Video mounting system, LeXMount harnesses the power of today's digital workflow and captures high levels of accuracy at the plate mounting stage.

LeXMount is the front-end software that ties the plate mounting system into the digital pre-press workflow. This allows the plate mounting system to utilise the same data used during a job's film output for an accurate plate mount with a repeatability in accuracy of ±0.002 in.

While LeXMount offers corrugated printers ensured levels of quality that dramatically reduces press make-ready, LeXMount also delivers the flexibility in reduced maintenance costs through the use of DuPont's Cyrel® patented lead edge strips, fastening pins, and plate mounting pins.

Plate Mounting ToolsLeXMount Benefits

Accuracy. LeXMount mounted printing plates offer the highest level of accuracy in registration compared to traditional mounting. LeXMount captures the accuracy of the digital workflow, eliminating the factor of error caused by human intervention required by analog mounting systems.

Carrier Card ConstructionEliminates the Mounted Proof. Through the usage of LeXMount as part of the digital workflow, the need for a mounted plate(s) proof is eliminated.

Improved Investment. Plates mounted through the LeXMount system reduces the investment cost by eliminating the need for mounted plate re-tooling from the tradeshop. The customer maintains the pre-mounted plates at their own facility, eliminating the need for sending the mounted plates back to the tradeshop for lead edge repair, plate re-mounting, etc.

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Pre-mount for Corrugated