Graphic Design Services and Prepress

Our graphic design team is experienced in design for flexographic packaging. When creating a design or fine-tuning it prior to plate production, every aspect of the final printing process is taken into consideration.

Digital Film Imaging

Using graphic files in many popular file formats, we are able to produce negative film colour separations in sheets up to 36" by 44" up to 2400 dpi according to your supplied specifications. Our film of choice is AGFA's Impower Plus 4 mil matte film with superior emulsion characteristics.

Digital Proofing

The proof plays an essential role in a successful packaging design. Our Roland CammJet large format printer provides proofs on various substrates to meet your needs.

Bar Code Symbology

B.R. Printing Plates is certified by GS1 Canada for bar code production. All codes are tested to ensure necessary tolerances are met to avoid problems with scanning in retail stores. Order bar code symbologies in EPS file format by email or disk, or by film negative master.

B.R. Print Prepress Services