Universal Product Codes & Bar Code Symbology

Our UPC symbology service is certified and recognized by GS1. To ensure each symbol created for packaging meets specified GS1's ANSI standards, careful calibration of the symbology software and workstation is performed daily. This calibration process allows us to compensate for any factors that can degrade the readability of the symbology and produce UPC film masters with an ANSI A grade for plate manufacturing.

We offer electronic EPS file transfers or film master of UPC codes to all desginers and printers. When ordering, we require the type of printing process to be used, the dimensions of space within the design which is allowed for the code, and the code number.

The following is a list of all Universal Product Code symbologies that we support:

• UPC A • UPC E • EAN • ITF 2 of 5 • Code 39 • Code 93 • Code 16K •Pharmacode • Codabar • MSI Plessy • Postnet • Datamatrix

UPC Symbology is a critical element of any packaging design. Most large retailers will reject selling a product if it fails scanablilty. It is for this reason that all symbologies we produce must never be altered in size.

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Bar Code Symbologies